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Conclusion For Dejours is of great value that the workers, all display physical and mental the suffering afflicts that them, are it of any area, afflicts that them. With the organized work it is possible to prevent this conflict all. They are in the distribution of the work, dividing the tasks between the prescribed operators, […]

European Central Bank

Opinion of the European Central Bank show the indicators for residential real estate prices in Germany is still an average undervaluation of around ten percent. Experts estimate the level at commercial real estate and Office – not quite so high, but also a pent-up demand is undeniable. While the development in Germany is not uniform, […]

Silke Geiss

Whether obligatory apps is also properly installed, allows it to track through a central Web portal. Generally, it is possible at all major systems, the so-called software inventory”of devices to read and talk to the user actively on unwanted downloads. Please note, however, is that by MDM solution download and / or stop allow the […]

Vonic Gmb

For example, individual site fax cover sheets can be made. Likewise, the administrator immediately the content and the form of the send and receive reports of all UM-messages can customize to the company. New in the IXI-AFP contained the version 5.90 application fax printer allows automated faxing from applications such as CRM and ERP. Increased […]

Energy Measures

90 sqm. Achieved the comfort comfort that your feet on the ground floor will remain warm, at the same time also a significant improvement of living comfort is achieved. The energy cost savings can be used to approximately 10-15%. We consider in this context the heating costs, the saved heat energy amounts to a total […]


It requires that gays and lesbians be protected against any form of discrimination.” Now, the “Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms as amended by Protocol No. 11” (“Convention for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms as amended by protocols No.. 11 and no. 14 “) anyone on the Internet […]

The Instruments

The sprouting of education modalities, as the EJA, represented for a complex profile of factors that need to be taken care of opens a new perspective in the direction of a differentiated strategy of education, but that not if it must, with certain naivety, to be disrespected the scienters politics, ethics and didactics that if […]