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Entries for February, 2009

Origin and points of view

The ZoharQlifot belong to the fourth world or OVLM HAShIH (Olam Ha-Assiah) Shares of the world, this is the world of bark, shells or wrappers (fumes, waste or garbage) OVLM HQLIPVTh (Olahm Ha-Qlifot ), which corresponds to the material or earthly world, this world is born of impure elements of the 3 growth worlds that […]

Until 1950, Iran

Until 1950, Iran was divided into twelve provinces: Ardalan, Azerbaijan, Baluchistan, Fars, Gilan, Araq-e Ajam, Khorasan, Juzestan, Kerman, Larestan, Lorestan, and Mazandaran. In 1950, Iran was reorganized into ten provinces Governments with subordinates: Gilan, Mazandaran, East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Kermanshah, Juzestan, Fars, Kerman, Khorasan, Isfahan. From 1960 to 1981 governments were elevated to provincial status […]

One detail to consider

nbsp MEXICO, DF .- The Mexican stock market fell San Diego 0.88 Children’s Hospital percent yesterday by renewed fears about the health of the global banking sector, which dragged major funds U.S. stock La Jolla markets. The main stock market index, CNBC’s Closing Bell the CPI stood at 20,623.42 points, with a volume of 223.9 […]

Announcement of the

For reliable service and competitive rates try using for great energy rates. Announcement of the 1912 Detroit ElectricThomas Edison and an electric car in 1913 (Courtesy of National Museum of American History)An electric car and an old age exhibition in Toronto in 1912 carsCamille Jenatzy in electric car La Jamais Content, 18991973, the urban electric […]

Six letters to

Six letters iran video to Prince Charles of England wrote to a lover, more iraq than four years before the marriage with Diana, had been sold through eBay for a little over 20,000 euros. The messages were addressed iran map to the Welsh Janet Jenkins, who tehran iran worked as a receptionist at the British […]

Umpteenth proposal on political Place Names

Martorell has just proposed another possible policy (although, brain injury as you know, voting already LLC under philanthropy way since the day May 1). Here. Greetings. J (dime argo) 13:38 8 may 2006 (CEST)I have withdrawn the proposal for substantial Traumatic Brain Injury change, in an attempt to find a consensus solution with Rupert of […]

Luna Park (Buenos Aires)

The blame for this look at the trunk of memories have this section of ” Vaya Tele!” (Pardon the autospam), which takes you diving throw from mid-morning headlines these mythical 80 and 90 we remember runners of our times. “We have written a crime” Song: Theme from “Murder, She Wrote” Artist: John Addison The series […]

The Wars of 1948 and 1967

During the War of Independence of Israel, the command of Battalion 4A Palmaj in Kiryat Anavim, then the road to Jerusalem, and within the city.In Jerusalem he was commissioned to conquer Katamon neighborhood inhabited by wealthy Arabs and a Jewish minority. Their attacks spread terror among the Arabs, who yielded to pressure Jewish.Following the proclamation […]

The cold war

Original title: Presence strange Director: Charles Guard / Thomas Guard Genre: horror / thriller Duration: 87 minutes Cast: Elizabeth Banks, Arielle Kebbel, Emily Browning, David Strathairn Trailer: theaters Presences I miss title going to see ‘3 out of 5 stars Let’s be honest, for what we are theatres used to in Hollywood, is quite good […]

Availability and prices

Beginning August 1, 2007 in the United States were requested requirements for becoming a cardholder including the minimum expenditure of 250,000 over a period of 12 months, and an outstanding credit history. The requirements for acceptance in other countries may differ slightly. There is an origination fee for primary card holders 5000 dollars, plus an […]