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Entries for May, 2019

Sustainable Development

One was about a huge project to establish connection the nine cities through paisagstico, cultural, gastronmico and religious the tourism typical of the region. From the PRODESUS, was created an Advice of Sustainable Development of the Fourth Colony? CONDESUS, which joins the nine cities for promotion of the development of the region. The CONDESUS is […]

Highly Effective People

In a recent article published in the community, the expert Stephen Covey explains as the organizations can make cultural a change internal, of the model of the industrial era, to the model of the era of the knowledge of the worker to give him to be able for the decision making to the employees […]

Definition Of Finance And Economics

The world has and is undergoing a constant process of development. There have been various figures and organizations that have made room for the expansion of different fields of action, allowing it to push forward a better way certain activities of great importance in any society signifying the presence of better conditions in certain fields […]

Miguel Hernandez

He wanted to steal a bike using as a weapon frozen sausages Einstein, Nietzsche, Alexander the great, Miguel Hernandez will doing hollow because a new genius asks step. Yes, Yes, I mean Michael. A. Baker, that boy of Massachusetts (that place that football jerseys cheap never know where takes the ss), that type with a […]

Internet Sender

As the first sender blunted in the leadership had its bold initiative, the second sender if also saw debtor to start to divulge the rotten ocorrentes politicians in the country. This relatively difficult age for the second sender, since some of its religious representatives also were part of the body politician of the country, but […]

Company MLM

Leadership refers to the ability of a certain person to direct other people to act and work towards the achievement of a common goal. Leaders are people with a special magnet, they are intelligent, people want to follow them, they manage to stimulate, Excite, you learn with them and learn from them, I have not […]