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Planning and Control of the Production Concepts of Planning – Systems of Administration of the Production the definition of the systems of Administration of the Production, in accordance with the theoreticians Corra and Gianesi (2001), if summarize basically in the methodologies for the support to the taking of decisions, operational, referring tactics and to the […]

Genealogy And Family History

Before, the history of the family and the genealogy only interested to Kings and aristocrats because properties and titles were inherited from generation to generation under very strict rules. As had large fortunes and political power of the kingdoms was at stake, this process was guarded with a magnifying glass. However, marriages always performed between […]


When I call my house, my children only ask me for money. It is one of the testimonies of a Colombian woman who emigrated to Spain in search of a life better for her and her family. More than one and half million immigrants that there are in Spain are women. In the case of […]

Market Conditions

The transformation of market conditions significantly changed the requirements for financial incentives for enterprise personnel. Continuing stratification of the population by income level, social and property status. Existing models of material incentives for staff no longer able to meet the demands of modern industrial enterprises, because such models do not involve reproduction and only partially […]

Barcelona Perspective

And to become something more institutionalized, I would like to, says Fredy Kofman, which grow as discipline, and at the same time continue to attract creative minds who always pushed the border to try to help people to have greater self-control and to generate valid results in their professional and personal lives. It’s believed that […]

Full Color Printing

Not long ago, digital color copiers / printers, engaged in typical stores online printing, producing less than 10 copies per minute. They worked not with lightning speed, but fast enough to provide adequate profitability of digital color printing. According to the guru copiers, Larry Hunt, "at the end of 1990. there were models with a […]

Google Adwords

When we started on the Internet, it is very easy to confuse us and be a bit saturated with so much information and so many things that are needed to make our business grow and start in the best way. You need to write articles on your blog, create your list of subscribers, learn to […]

Dictatorship Argentina

Dear Friends: It is unfortunate weights Victor Tavarez governor when he says that he found no seat for him and his family in the VIP area, where the function that refers (Sunday 10:30 a.m.) has locations available, it is recorded, in all areas available to the public. In addition, we have an efficient team prepared […]

Intellectual Property Rights

To preserve intellectual property rights have not yet devised sufficiently effective methods, ideally such a method looks like this – comes to employee in the company, dress hat, starts to work, and all his thoughts fall into a database and categorized in a certain way, and if he needs to go to the database, it […]

CBS Corporation Acquires

CBS Corporation Acquires International Outdoor Advertising Group (IOA-In management Chile HERES) by 110 million dollars CBS Corporation (NYSE: coaching CBS and CBS.A) has signed an agreement to acquire the company strategy International Outdoor Advertising Group (IOA), company leader in South America, which sells more than 17,000 advertising faces in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay, for […]