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Entries for April, 2015

Full Color Printing

Not long ago, digital color copiers / printers, engaged in typical stores online printing, producing less than 10 copies per minute. They worked not with lightning speed, but fast enough to provide adequate profitability of digital color printing. According to the guru copiers, Larry Hunt, "at the end of 1990. there were models with a […]

Intellectual Property Rights

To preserve intellectual property rights have not yet devised sufficiently effective methods, ideally such a method looks like this – comes to employee in the company, dress hat, starts to work, and all his thoughts fall into a database and categorized in a certain way, and if he needs to go to the database, it […]

Emotional Intelligence

Its origins arise in the years 20S, but consolidates its name in the year 1995 with writer and journalist Daniel Goleman, which develops this term as the key factor for a successful adaptation in different contingencies of life and emotional intelligence is ultimately a set of metahabilidades that can be learned precursors that allowed elaborate […]