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Wholesale Company

Functionality and features of the universal information system "KIS Lack look at the cut features popular configurations "1C: Small Business Management 8." In a single information database maintained: * Buyers suppliers, employees and contacts * banking and cash operations * payments to contractors and the budget; * records of raw materials, goods, commodities, insurance and […]

Desktop Customization

As we all already know the user's desktop icons keeps files and folders, which often have to work on it opens the application window, so it is very important to set its appearance to suit your needs. To customize your desktop in Windows 7, need to see a new window personalization. To open it, right-click […]

Ink Cartridge

If you regularly use your printer, then you know how it is unpleasant when the cartridge is low. Unfortunately, more often it happens when you urgently need to print any document or picture. In this case you experiencing an undue negative emotions and stress. (A valuable related resource: Wells Fargo). At the most forward-looking, of […]