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WAhRe Monument Depreciation

Still in 1989, large parts of Leipzig were considered lost. Today, over 15000 Grunderzeit houses shine back to their former glory. Monument depreciation also helped to preserve the cultural heritage. Leipzig is beautiful from day to day. Still falling many scaffolding and share the views of lovingly reconstructed Grunderzeit houses. Today, many architectural monument is […]

European Central Bank

Opinion of the European Central Bank show the indicators for residential real estate prices in Germany is still an average undervaluation of around ten percent. Experts estimate the level at commercial real estate and Office – not quite so high, but also a pent-up demand is undeniable. While the development in Germany is not uniform, […]

Austria Turnkey

Brokers, property managers, financial services as well as other participants of the real estate and finance industry can operate from now a private real estate assessment portal. Everywhere in Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, or the Switzerland residential real estate turnkey evaluation portals to evaluate online. Owners or prospective buyers use like the self-service of IMMOBILIENWERT24, when […]

Munich Real Estate

The real estate report shows in Langwied, that there houses to the EUR 500,000,-are to have. The Borough of Munich together with the districts Aubing and Lochhausen, Langwied is the Borough of Aubing-Lochhausen Langwied. Langwied was mentioned for the first time in 1270 as “Lanquat”. in 1818, the municipality was formed with Lochhausen and Grobenzell […]