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Entries for February, 2015

Thescon Advises Companies On Green Logistics & Green Supply Chain Management

THESCON uses ‘Green Grow’ a consultation method that ensures a sustainable and value-oriented business development to Solms, June 22, 2010 – the theme of green supply chain management is becoming increasingly important for companies. The topic was limited balance sheets or footprints initially more on creating CO2″, the entire value chain in the focus moves […]

2011 Looking For Beta-testers For BitDefender Total Security

IPad worldwide testing program for new security software update and Nintendo Wii to win Holzwickede, launched 22 June 2010 BitDefender Antivirus expert his beta-test program for the new BitDefender total security 2011. The test is used to optimize of the security software updates, product on the other hand to test the new features under real-world […]

Guerrilla Marketing

Help for start-ups and lone in the Rhine-Neckar triangle when big companies want to launch a new product in the market, a huge marketing machine used. A team of professionals and support staff professional positions the new product on the market. A small company can’t keep up, because the financial resources are not sufficient. “They […]

Suez Canal

The Cairo its history: The Cairo is the biggest cidadedo Arab world and of Africa, beyond being in a strategical geographic position, between the continent African and Asian. Most of the territory is desert-like, with exception in the coast of the Mediterranean sea and in the edges of the Nile, essential to the survival of […]