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Entries for July, 2008

Developers Cheating in the Shop for Implementing IPhone

More than 10 million downloads have been made since the recently published App iTunes store, according to Apple. The company also asserts that the amount of software has already increased since the premiere of the store last Thursday, about 500 applications to more than 800. Of these, roughly 90 percent said cost less than 10 […]

Yahoo Returns to Reject Microsoft Said It Made an Offer for the Entire Company

On Saturday evening Yahoo rejected a proposal set of Microsoft and the investor Carl Icahn who had called for a restructuring and sale of the business of sales of Yahoo to Microsoft. The Internet company that had fought the hostile bid from Microsoft for months now has suggested that the software giant made an offer […]

Soybean Futures Operate with Heavy Losses in Chicago

Reuters – Chicago (Reuters) – The soybean futures quotations with falls of between 35 and 40 cents per bushel on Monday on the Chicago market , Depressed by the time favourable for crops that were reported in the U.S. Midwest, traders said.Learn more – in demand: Miles Davis

The Snake Underwater

Developed by Hirose Fukushima Lab, this robot has been designed and developed to explore studying mechanical movements needed to emulate snakes and as they move without the need for appendices. (video inside)

North Dakota Tourism

This picturesque farmhouse just outside Bismarck captures the undying spirit of North Dakota that appeals to tourists who come each season. Our nation’s 39th state is known for views, friendly greetings, and of course frigid winter weather. Originally the home of the native American Sioux tribes, North Dakota is rich in history, and played an […]