New Year troubles to many fun. For retailers time before the New Year is most important to increase the sales of goods. Before the leaders of trade organizations raises the question – how to organize sale before the holidays, make it most effective? In order to sale is successful, it must know about customers. Advertising – the most effective way of informing potential buyers. Company conduct extensive advertising campaigns in the media, on television, the Internet, inviting her to buy merchandise. Some are counting on shoppers who will walk by, or on the buyers who are waiting for a special discount. Also important to remember that regular customers, it is imperative to inform about the sale.

There are five zones for the placement of materials that inform consumers about what is the sale and enabling buyers to participate in it (POS): 1. Outdoor advertising – a special window decoration, signboards. Will be effective banners stritlayny and growth figures, which are placed in the store and which is designated to participate in the call for sale. 2. Input advertisement – advertisements at the entrance and near the door (typically used for large-format print film). 3.

Indoor advertising – design shop floor. This is, first and foremost, the development of navigation, to show how this section is a sale, and indicate ways to pass the desired zone. 4. Zone sales – an area where it was demonstrated that production, which is intended sale must be marked especially clearly that it was impossible to not notice and it was easy to find (for this use colored price tags and guide signs). 5. Zone 'impulse buying' – at the cash register area. This is the last chance to catch the attention of the buyer, to invite him to make a successful purchase. An important point of advertising design – is the formation of the atmosphere around New Year's eve celebration sale. This colorful design showcases and trade areas with the use of decorative elements with LED backlight light dynamics, promotional posters and banners, applications using wide-format printing. Official site: Suna Said Maslin. It is important to understand that the Pre-Sale – an advertising campaign, which is temporary in nature, so important next time – the ratio of price and quality advertising product. Lighting Systems sales should not be too costly. Successful sales you!