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Entries for October, 2014

New Marketing Director

Jurgen Jaffer Ali is new Marketing Director of across systems. Karlovy Vary 10 February 2011. He is responsible for all marketing activities of the provider of language technology and translation management. These include the partner management, event planning, and public relations in addition to the branding. Young er Guy brings extensive knowledge and many years […]

Android Tablets

Android tablets will this Jahr Apple’s iPad rival Apple has shown it with the iPad. Its successor, the iPad2 – come on the market this year. But the competition never sleeps: with the new operating system Android 3.0 honeycomb equip yourself some manufacturers such as Samsung and LG for the fight against the iPad. The […]

Topaz Markets

Fruit Logistica attended by approximately 53,000 trade visitors from 130 countries from 9 to 11 February 2011 in Berlin last year, where good 2,300 exhibitors from all continents were represented. Operators expect an even greater encouragement for 2011. Especially inform the representatives of the Duisburg market want the international audience about the excellent logistical connections […]

Ellen Lohr

Thus I can provide the fans with background information, for example, in the Internet and give my personal impressions. This creates”a picture of the rally that represents more aspects as it allows the usual coverage, Ellen Lohr explains. I try through my activity to combine my sports and technologies in the field of telecommunications. For […]


Often, these applications are riddled by their authors with malicious software, so that software pirates infect their computers with malicious code. Two Adware threats occupy the places 7 and 8. Gen: Variant.Adware.Hotbar. 1 (1.84%) installed a browse tool bar and displays advertising pop ups on your screen. In addition, it analyzes the surfing behavior of […]

Andreas Gampa

A professional hearing test, which is even free of charge in the branches of the company Gampa, provides information about their own hearing. In the case, modern and nearly invisible hearing aids can secure reliable speech understanding. With our look – tram, we want to convey the Spreche in an entertaining way, how wrong understanding […]

The Own

Between the first customers as Overture”and after a mass, targeted follow-up should take several weeks time ideally. “By making various, skillfully controlled contact an arc can be with possibly different addressees on, which limited the time closely event fair” appear as a highlight of an exciting and sustainable production of the company or a brand. […]

World Wide Web

"Miralinks" – this is a fundamentally new phenomenon in this area of the Internet industry, as search engine optimization sites. Why? Analogies for this service was not there, when you create it, we decided to take a course just on the quality of services – and, I I think in the near future, the results […]

Free Capital Market

The free capital market tightened regulations in capital market issues more in the cards will have to be located in the future look. On October 25, 2011, the Finance Committee released its recommendation and the report on the draft of law on the amendment of the financial investment intermediaries and investment law. The draft envisages […]

Munich Real Estate

The real estate report shows in Langwied, that there houses to the EUR 500,000,-are to have. The Borough of Munich together with the districts Aubing and Lochhausen, Langwied is the Borough of Aubing-Lochhausen Langwied. Langwied was mentioned for the first time in 1270 as “Lanquat”. in 1818, the municipality was formed with Lochhausen and Grobenzell […]