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Entries for November, 2014

International Cargo Transportation

For a start determined by the type of delivery, depending on the distance to the point of delivery. So for example, may be commuting, where cargo carriage performed at short distances in the region and international shipping, when goods are shipped from other countries and so on. In the first case of red tape with […]

Creative Destruction

Useful selection and mutation as the basis of the healthy economy. Every company should constantly ask the questions: where are we currently compete with our services and what interest have potential customers our solutions, now and in the future? How developed our competition and how the general social development? We make the transition from growth […]

Expert Knowledge

BEO-CONSULT: expert knowledge for trade, shipping and logistics especially in customs and export regulatory requirements are very complex and are subject to constant changes. Companies acting legally compliant and yet slim and efficient processes in this area would like to introduce, are dependent on expertise. BEO-CONSULT GmbH offers this for about one and a half […]

Scent Marketing Buyers

But with the right in-store music customers buy more with Christmas coming, since the shops as well as just Christmas songs play. No Weihnachtsleider hear but most buyers want during the Christmas shopping, according to a study. The music reminds the buyer rather the stress of Christmas instead of gifts to buy thinking. According to […]

Referral Marketing

Buying and selling is increasingly about likes and Hasst instead of welcome to the referral company. The classic tell a friend experienced an irrepressible Renaissance there as digital consumer content and shifted more and more to the Internet. Social sharing is also called this. Buying and selling occurs increasingly through likes and Hasst. This development […]