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Carioca Bi-championship

If America was successful, it would exceed Are Cristvo and would gain the heading. The club rubro, however, preferred to recognize the mritos of the adversary and refused the dispute of the new departure. It was youthful the Carioca bichampionship of the club cadet. Pottery x Vasco, 1947 This was counted for Jair Boaventura, in […]

Hispanic Mattel

The doll most famous of the world, its exotic beauty is inspiration source. All the interpretations agree that, with its enormous gamma of accessories of life style, Barbie exists to consume. Its infinitely plastic body that resounds with after-modern nations of the fluidity, the located multiplicity and meanings. Some would see Barbie as etnia and […]

Suez Canal

The Cairo its history: The Cairo is the biggest cidadedo Arab world and of Africa, beyond being in a strategical geographic position, between the continent African and Asian. Most of the territory is desert-like, with exception in the coast of the Mediterranean sea and in the edges of the Nile, essential to the survival of […]