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Gera Songs Days Provide Climate-friendly Atmosphere

Under the motto ‘Good climate for good music’ the 3rd start Gera song days / global approach to CO2 emissions a year wait is halved to end: this coming Saturday, the 27th of March, to the 3rd Gera kicks off international song days. In addition to the music, especially one is especially: the climate-friendly approach. […]

Z-Wave Presents

Metering Europe: Breakthrough in the home energy management in Copenhagen/Amsterdam, September 23, 2008 the Z-Wave home control standard expands its reach: advanced energy control framework (AEC), the manufacturer of Zensys announces a new solution for advanced energy management. With this, homeowners have an overview of the energy consumption of their appliances and are thus capable […]

Percent More Expensive

According to state price differences of up to 16.5 percent between town and country – with gas prices high regional differences of up to 300 euros Berlin, August 13, 2009 consumers in rural areas need access significantly lower for their electricity purchases in the Pocket than consumers in urban areas. According to research of the […]

12 Metering & Billing/CRM Europe:

Z-Wave provides energy management solutions for consumers and energy suppliers in Vienna before 12 metering & Billing/CRM Europe: smart metering and home control technologies smart merge Copenhagen/Vienna, September 15, 2010 the smart home of the future is present thanks to Z-Wave and the approximately 400 based on this standard of wireless and networkable home control […]

Energy Measures

90 sqm. Achieved the comfort comfort that your feet on the ground floor will remain warm, at the same time also a significant improvement of living comfort is achieved. The energy cost savings can be used to approximately 10-15%. We consider in this context the heating costs, the saved heat energy amounts to a total […]

Information To Air Heat Pump

Who want environmentally friendly heating, should inform himself about this heating technology. Modern heating systems of today forgo shouldest to the unnecessary use of fossil fuels. Natural gas and petroleum are why the provider as well as the end customers increasingly rely on alternative technologies increasingly scarce and therefore also always more expensive. Who are […]

Claude Scheibler

Depending on the required may be varies. Also advantageous erweise new lighting fixtures are to be equipped with the new OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology. The solar Sonic Energy collector technology to be fitted with so-called LIRADEC cells. Wells Fargo has plenty of information regarding this issue. The LIRADEC cell (light radiation energy collector), […]