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Entries for May, 2017

Email Marketing Statistics

One of the great advantages of email marketing is that it provides measurable indicators. To run a campaign of email marketing success, it is necessary to monitor and understand the statistics of email as Open Rate(Ratio de corre_os corre_ abiertos), click (CTR) rate, Bounce, etc. The rate of understanding of these indicators will allow you […]

Euro Dollar Exchange Rate

Market analysis Currency Euro Dollar The euro broke the resistance level specified in Thursday’s 1.4371, and successfully testing highs in the 1.4410 area. In the hourly chart clearly shows a downward channel and finally broke it. However there is a possible deterioration of the European currency since failed to break the 1.4410 area. The present […]

Better Business Bureau

Many people have bad credit. It is unfortunate that good people with good intentions are sometimes lured into the credit card offers with outrageous interest rates or convinced to buy a new expensive car they can not afford. It is sometimes a stroke of bad luck. You may have recently lost their jobs or been […]

Invest Funds

There are different reasons why invests in mutual funds, below shall contain an indication of some reasons: you have unlimited time, you don’t have to do any renovation since the deadlines of the funds are unlimited. For your safety; There are limitations on investment, either in your assets or the maximum percentages of investment. Liquidity; […]

Vice President Sales Central DeTeWe

Aastra daughter sees engagement in the field of unified communications confirmed Berlin / bad Bruckenau, July 2009 – the DeTeWe Communications GmbH with seat in Berlin became a partner on the Nortel focus event in the lower Franconian bad Bruckenau with the new market Award 2008 awarded in 2009. Wells Fargo Bank follows long-standing procedures […]