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Entries for July, 2015

China Power

Toyota believes that its sales fall 2% this year. In China and India, the car companies Chery and Tata will have to go ahead although the emerging economies do not grow at double digit rates. But the big three U.S. automakers have suffered the worst consequences, falls this year on sales of 25%. The Professor […]

Kyoto Protocol

However, no member country climate talks in the UN has made no fundamental disagreement against the second commitment period Kyoto Protocol – a separate expression of a 'private' opposition to participate. It is the lack of a principled disagreement on the adoption of the second commitment period, rather than the unwillingness of a particular party […]

Domestic Economy

However, without changing the political system of complete equilibrium in society does not happen, which should lead to reform and the system too. Thus, we can assume that all three types of economic relations are inherent in any society, interact and complement each other. Relation to the national economy of various types of economic relations […]

Cellphone Marketing

Prepaid calls and SMS Discount goods it has become in the last years of prepaid discounter Simyo, CallMobile and last Congstar, falling tariffs by always cheaper prepaid, late last year a new players made up the market with prepaid cards to shake up. Fonic used apart from Tchibo the O2 Mobile network as the first […]

XaanoMedia Internet

Many links are a good start to run successful online marketing. You have created a Web page. This looks good, is easily manageable and meaningful, and everything he needs for his online luck offers the user. Well you should be because, to provide your site with most abundant ‘good’ external links. Please see also here […]

Heike Weissbach

“Proven recipes get”: the concept of the Dortmund company RevitMed has this motto for over 2 years. Drug reform in the field of natural medicine and the dredging of Naturopathic medicines from reimbursement practice of statutory health insurance funds and aid, increasingly old formulations be removed from the market. RevitMed committed to the preservation of […]

FM ITSAS Internet Agency

With the project blog, the FM ITSAS launches their latest innovation. In the context of the biggest blog project in Munich, are not only platforms to the free exchange of opinions. The customers of the FM ITSAS can benefit, because it targeted and free advertising opportunities. Florian Muller leads the Internet Agency and a […]

Money Market Accounts

Money market accounts enjoy among German investors of a growing popularity. This is not surprising, offer these accounts but an attractive interest rate of credits and at the same time the highest possible flexibility, because the deposits are available daily. This form of investment worth always just for relatively small investments, intended as a nest […]