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Entries for July, 2015

China Power

Toyota believes that its sales fall 2% this year. In China and India, the car companies Chery and Tata will have to go ahead although the emerging economies do not grow at double digit rates. But the big three U.S. automakers have suffered the worst consequences, falls this year on sales of 25%. The Professor […]

Felipe Gonzalez

The tsunami of deprivation of liberty and Zapatero’s socialist economies, in distance of freedom and prosperity without class, and close to the taxation and assessment, especially the most vulnerable classes, has led to the Spanish for the road route and bitterness. It has also shown the two faces and has transferred rights and impersonation decline […]

Kyoto Protocol

However, no member country climate talks in the UN has made no fundamental disagreement against the second commitment period Kyoto Protocol – a separate expression of a 'private' opposition to participate. It is the lack of a principled disagreement on the adoption of the second commitment period, rather than the unwillingness of a particular party […]

Domestic Economy

However, without changing the political system of complete equilibrium in society does not happen, which should lead to reform and the system too. Thus, we can assume that all three types of economic relations are inherent in any society, interact and complement each other. Relation to the national economy of various types of economic relations […]

Cellphone Marketing

Prepaid calls and SMS Discount goods it has become in the last years of prepaid discounter Simyo, CallMobile and last Congstar, falling tariffs by always cheaper prepaid, late last year a new players made up the market with prepaid cards to shake up. Fonic used apart from Tchibo the O2 Mobile network as the first […]

Foreign Exchange Market

The first half of last week was the American currency. A decrease in pairs Euro / dollar and pound / dollar. In this case, gbp / usd managed to “upgrade” at least February and reach a mark of 1.9400. Additional pressure on the pound Earlier this week, has published data on inflation in the uk, […]

Scent Marketing

Dream air scent concept arouses curiosity on the marketing services produces the Hamburg company for years scent gels and products for the room Fragrancing in the trademark – and Corporatebereich with new products. Our partner offers fragrances that meet the individual requirements in enterprises as well as in the trade for scent marketing. On the […]


Z-Wave is its leading position in the home control market with fourth single chip generation further from chips and modules of the Z-Wave 400 series provide a superior platform for home automation and AV / CE control Las Vegas / Fremont, January 15, 2008, Zensys, manufacturer of the internationally award-winning Z-Wave standard for wireless home […]

DAX Capital

Stimmrechtsloses mezzanine capital for small and medium-sized companies (SME BBs) capital market and stock exchange, called the major DAX listed companies come to mind first. But what about the 3.4 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which have a much greater growth potential than the full-blown\”corporations? Those mid-sized companies look for as capital outside of […]

Professional Marketing Consulting

SMEs and freelancers are increasingly sure to differentiate their performance from the competition and to communicate this. A good product or a service provided by qualified range today not to permanently on the market to be successful. Companies and freelancers are increasingly sure to differentiate their performance from the competitors and according to internally and […]