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The worker

A phone sex line operator is a sex worker and erotic actor. Among the most valued attributes in a phone sex professional are the voice, the ability to act and the ease in interpreting the different roles erotic or sexual, as well as experience. Most professionals do not masturbate while you work, but pretending to […]


The study of the environment is a topical issue, especially because it has implications in everyday human life. The environment is constituted by a set of abiotic elements: solar energy, soil, water and air. Biotic: living organisms that make up the thin layer of earth called biosphere, livelihood and home to different living things and […]

Fame and relationships

Fame and relationships The following year he traveled to New York, then to Arizona and California, where he worked in several theater productions. After traveling in Europe for a while, returned to New York and became a Broadway star in several plays, including Not So Long Ago (1920) by Arthur Richman, and Liliom (1921), Ferenc […]

Description The

Description The latrines transforms or composted dung from improved land that can be used in the fifth family without health hazard. It has two separate chambers located above ground level. The chambers are built on a base of cement 5 cm thick, with an iron mesh, which completely isolates the ground. Internally the cameras are […]

History have

History have reported on early maps as “Boca Ratones,” many people wrongly assumed that the name simply says in English “Rat’s Mouth”. The word boca (or mouth, in English) from time to time is used to describe an inlet, while rat n (mouse, in English) was used by Spanish sailors to describe rocks that scratched […]