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Entries for January, 2015

Optimal Sales Experience

Performance marketing offers the ability to create an optimal sales experience for the customers in this day and age, marketing has become an important part of the economy. Hardly a product can sell themselves without appropriate advertising and marketing. Even Kleinstartikel need sophisticated Know-How to achieve the sales figures accordingly. With performance marketing, the economy […]

Rescue Equipment

Inflatable stretcher: For emergency services, inflatable stretchers are the ideal solution in all circumstances, providing protection of the victim from all sides during the rescue operations on land, at water or air. Compact and convenient for transportation, air stretcher is easily loaded into any vehicle: a boat, airplane or helicopter. The stretcher can be inflated […]

Online Marketplace

Online shopping made easy at the beginning of the conversion of to”was the Frankfurt platform thoroughly revised. A pure insolvency and wholesale platform has become a platform for retail and brand stores. Meanwhile more than 2.8 million articles in more than 50 categories are to find. In the range 240 are currently approx. […]