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Entries for November, 2015

Municipal Market

Taking a walk between boards and carriolas of fruits of the Municipal Market and streets of the center of Campinas, suddenly I saw me dived in aromas and gostos of infancy. The strong heat seemed to accent cheiros of cool fruits and in them I see miraculous secrets of the creation. As much variety, color, […]

Marketing Propaganda

Through it the companies can keep cooperation of its intermediate, to make familiar its customers to the use of manufactured products, to create credibility image, to launch new products, to stimulate demand, to create mark loyalty, to emphasize characteristics of the products, among others intentions (WOOLS HOUSES, 1997). It is through the propaganda that the […]

American Cartoon

Naruto has been rising in the ranks of more and more cartoons, naruto is categorized as one of the most entertaining cartoons at the time, and this is due to board the classic style of the manga with the traditional caricature, drawings are splendid and history, coming from a manga, is a classic and popular […]

Own Business? – Options Are Available

Now a large flow of information for people left without work, were laid off or simply consist of "not for years to retire," about what to do. Reading all this you realize that, in principle, a lot of work, but what if there is funds and would like to start their own business, even a […]

Pro Oil

But, the expense with the importation of the oil caused the aumentoexorbitante of the Brazilian external debt. Brazil that with the easiness daimportao abandoned the idea of self-sufficiency in fuels, came back to append in the subject in years 70 with the world-wide crises of the oil, where esteproduto went up too much. From now […]

Programming And Your Organization

Seasonal aspects (eg busy holidays / slow summers), special occasions, private parties, etc. must be figured into the calendar. Any outside activity that may affect the business in the restaurant, such as food festivals, parades, etc must be taken into account. If there are separate dining rooms, the busy times should be duly provided for […]