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Entries for May, 2015

Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Heat pumps provide a pleasant bathing heat pumps and swimming pool heat pump who his own calls a swimming pool or a spa area, know the advantages of these facilities: you can bring through heat pump swimming pool water to a temperature, the an even all. Thus, you have the comfort to devote all your […]

Safety Symbol

The main ISO safety signs around the topic of machine and workplace to get internationally comprehensive labelling of HEIN industrial plates GmbH. The following safety signs according to ISO you featuring internationally understandable: product safety signs for machines and systems in accordance with DIN ISO 3864-2 mark for agricultural machines and similar machines com. ISO […]

Now Feel Engine

Cold start a hand in cover of the engine. It should be cold. Ask the owner to have a motorcycle, deduct points for charging from an external battery, starting with "tolkocha" too zealous use of the kick-starter and mats. If the bike was warmed up before starting, this should be taken with some suspicion. Running […]