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Yoruba, Fon, And Bantu Beliefs From West Africa

Candombl Iorub: the relation of the man with its orix personal Francisco Thiago Silva SUMMARY We will search to know the relation of the practitioners of candombl with its orix, over all from the vision of three important scholars on the subject: Reginaldo Prandi, Roger Bastide and Pierre Verger. This work presents a panorama of […]

The Romans

It is urgent that we posamos to perceive that has a people that same in the difficulties, always had a form of living, working and of if amusing and that it knew to leave its marks for that they live in the gift. Youngest than they had been born in the end of century XX […]

Professional Career Choice

To be optimum in what it makes is not a seven animal to cabear is enough to feel pleasure in what it makes and all will come you to the remaining portion in gold trays. (Gustavo Thayllon) To trace goals for minor who is always is a point indispenssavel that you will exactly thank itself […]

Sociological Method

By means of a great number of interviews congregated in its workmanship it can be understood as the pioneers of the movement had come to congregate themselves around the ideal that consisted of creating a type of total national filmografia. Continuing with the proposal to congregate in this research arcabouo theoretician I validate, that it […]


It will have as its great Langlois-Seignobos passage, where the great contribution of this type of history they had been the basic document concepts, historical fact and time. The marxism anger to be a great one I criticize of this type of History of character narrative, factual and linear, where it affirms Falcon: … the […]


Light Compactuamos with an inadequate calendar, that becomes some inactive clubs for unacceptable periods, or that they demand excesses of games of others, punishments for serious lacks, inadmissible errors of arbitrators, violence between twisted, masculine unemployment and until the excess of weekly games, is factors that desmotivam the public. It enters the positive initiatives of […]

Wifi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct, the alternative to Bluetooth Wi-Fi Certified Wi-Fi Direct is a certification for devices that allow you to connect by Wi-Fi directly with the other, using a new technology, which makes it much easier to perform tasks such as printing or file sharing, among other things. Devices that have this certification can connect with […]


Few things that can be considered indispensable for a company, but now in the technological world in which we live, the technology there is way to much of our lives and also the companies, therefore, now a company cannot move forward without a labeller. A labeller is indispensable, since it guarantees to have control over […]


Current economic scenarios presented to very sophisticated consumers, with needs that have given way to the manufacture of products that companies must develop to satisfy your demand. Since then products must be guaranteed quality, making companies are identified with international regulations required and ensure competitiveness in markets where participate. General manager requires that the company […]

MSN Messenger

Call free with the iPhone using Fring is possible with the new application with voIP technology that has just launched. (Not to be confused with Payoneer!). Thus you can make free calls from an iPhone with Fring using Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN Messenger, Skype, ICQ and other more social platforms from an Iphone 3 G, […]