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Supertooth DISCO

A2DP (Bluetooth profile) stereo speakers the Supertooth DISCO stereo high-performance speaker system offers a never experienced listening pleasure in the range of the Bluetooth A2DP Stereo wireless transmission, which is now supported by approximately 500 mobile models. Rich bass through an interegierten subwoofer and crystal clear sound in the area of high and mid-tones are […]

Trend Researchers

German trend researchers: individual mobile Navis are summer trend 2008 now already the days will be longer and warmer, soon is the EM-summer 2008, parks and outdoor cafes fill up again. Many wish that that it is so unforgettable time as the World Cup summer of 2006. And your own cell phone plays a new […]

Silke Geiss

Whether obligatory apps is also properly installed, allows it to track through a central Web portal. Generally, it is possible at all major systems, the so-called software inventory”of devices to read and talk to the user actively on unwanted downloads. Please note, however, is that by MDM solution download and / or stop allow the […]

Business Technology

Mobile phones, navigation systems and computers get ears Wiesbaden/Dusseldorf, August 20, 2008 – mobile phones, home computers, navigation devices, even fighter obey via voice control on the word. Whenever Richard Plackett listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The human-machine interaction is mature according to a report of the business week and conquers the markets. Noiselessly […]