Leadership refers to the ability of a certain person to direct other people to act and work towards the achievement of a common goal. Leaders are people with a special magnet, they are intelligent, people want to follow them, they manage to stimulate, Excite, you learn with them and learn from them, I have not said any time I would love you to be my mentor or you should have been your my leader. To me if a few times already, from that I apply to my strategies attraction marketing, it is not that people implore me to work with me, I have not yet reached that level, but if people who I’ve helped have told me. Leadership by itself alone is not an easy process, because people vary in their perception towards a leader. There are those who take seriously the leader, and also those people who don’t care about their leaders. In my own company some of my downlines, ask me and I try to resolve their concerns, but others do not, do to who think that you best ira? I’m not trying to convince anyone that uses the same strategies that I or try to impose what I do because it is the right thing, what I try is to cooperate and advise that it is best that my downlines to reach their objectives and convert them into other future leaders for their lines. As I have said leadership is a process and for this we must have certain qualities, such as being professional, professionalism is the ability of a person to act with transparency and integrity, commitment etc.

Another quality of a genuine leader is his ability to communicate with other people. A leader must also know how to react when people have not had a good day or have had problems and is comprehensively, without being condescending. But for my quality more important between all is honesty, I’ve seen many assumptions leading other companies openly boast of accomplishments that have or supposedly have thanks to their companies, and do not say that they lie, but that really is not so, what have secure they have it by that have worked very hard, and works very hard in this industry to have those achievements, and is not as easy as some leaders do see. We know or your know that you for reach some acceptable degrees of financial freedom in your MLM, what more important is the duplication, do you think that this is accomplished makeup reality?, if you’re not honest atraeras to lazy people that all they want is make money fast and easily, we know that is not so, why is that only 5% of the networkers can call the MLM millionaires or they reach a financial freedom, another 45% pretends to succeed to attract the incuatos, and the remaining 50% leaves after a while and is replaced by other people who discover the networkmarketing.I intend to explain what attraction marketing is based on truth, honesty, work ethic and success/work that amount you have in your company. Why analyze what you said and ask yourself am a leader or believe me to be a leader in my MLM company?.