As the first sender blunted in the leadership had its bold initiative, the second sender if also saw debtor to start to divulge the rotten ocorrentes politicians in the country. This relatively difficult age for the second sender, since some of its religious representatives also were part of the body politician of the country, but if this was the cost for the top, this would be the price to be paid. The test of that this I finish thought was adopted by the second sender this being seen in diverse canals, normally to the eight of the night. It is well logical to think that, when the two emitting greaters of the branch start to explore the dirt politics for hearing attainment, the other minors would follow also them not to be for bring. This corporative competitiveness can seem a rendered unhappy canalhice, but to the Brazilian people who does not possess action in the stock market of these senders, something of good can come of this. Different of years behind, when the information was kept the seven keys for the power that had its contacts and tentculos in all part, today, with the advance of technology that increased the conscientious power of the common citizen, is much more difficult if to keep an isolated information of national interest. The great senders had perceived this in time and if they had used to advantage to take off its small gold nugget of this enormous mount of excremento that some people cismam in calling corruption.

However, the things had not left the skill that most idealistic and intellectual they would desire. The people have access to the information bigger politics ten times of what she has forty years, but the interest on the subject diminished. Still exist people whom they prefer to attend to soccer or novel opposite to investigate the past of one politician in the Internet? something that would not delay nor fifteen minutes, depending on the broad band? , independent of easy quo this procedure is. Still it has people that they consider the news articles that pass in the television on corruption somewhat normal politics, something that had that to happen, and these people nor if they worry about what it can happen future, therefore its hopes, or its concept of hope, that is there the monstruosidade that took the place of this word makes, them to believe that it does not have the lesser possibility of something of good for leaving the way in question (politics). no matter how hard the televising opportunism is useful and makes them to think and to notice the podrido that it happens in the way country, nothing goes to move to be that somebody skirt of its financed sofa and does not make something of intelligent with its vote or, at least, with its remote control. Unhappyly this finishes phrase is of custom. Who knows if somebody to make a film on corruption in the politics and to place a vampire insane and a girl with inferiority complex as protagonist the things move. It must be reconfortante for the people who profit and if they benefit with the popular ignorance, to know that, during generations it was passed and emphasized that everything that passes in the television is ' ' bom' ' , and same after years of untiring fight against the censorship, when the Brazilian society is dived until the head in an apex of information collection, nobody it binds This must bring hope for the future generations of manipulators and without character or respect.