He wanted to steal a bike using as a weapon frozen sausages Einstein, Nietzsche, Alexander the great, Miguel Hernandez will doing hollow because a new genius asks step. Yes, Yes, I mean Michael. A. Baker, that boy of Massachusetts (that place that football jerseys cheap never know where takes the ss), that type with a matchless wit (despite his 22 years) who believed that I could steal the bike a boy using a few frozen sausages.The issue is that Michael (Miki, for friends, which I guess you also have them) is a talented type but has so much patience as Bosnia Wicky: No. Why, seeing that the cyclist refused to his defiant gaze and its frozen sausages, he pulled out a wrench, aporreo him and took the vehicle. Finally got the goal, Yes, but he had to change tactics, according to the local press.What liar are, becariucho, shame of type, how you like to lie: don’t attempt to steal THE bike, but the took!, tell me some. Well then, perhaps unto you the news you appear is that a guy with weird hairstyle aporreo to another with a spanner and so took the bike.

I respect him. However, for me the news is that that same type, with the same hair, had as a first idea stealing a bike using as intimidating weapon frozen sausages which, to make matters worse, were also stolen.Because, I know yo me quedo en detail and lose me the story, lame part of the reality that most interests me, all that I know it, but think that T-shirts of football Replicas in the World Scholar operate at a different speed that in the real world. Moreover, puts you in a situation: you’re with a friend telling him that the other night you came home with more alcohol than is provided in the body and instead of opening the door with the key House tried it open with a pita bread. Speechless by such stupidity, at the end you realize, do you get the keys and go home. How so you contarias? Would you say do you hear, the other night I walked into the House at the end? Your holder wouldn’t: I tried to open my home with a pita bread and it didn’t work. Then if there is time accounts as another, but is completely secondary.Returning to the subject of Michael (I refuse to call him Miki for fear of not having any friends), the fact is that the poor Devil ended up being arrested shortly after carrying the bicycle of the other boy, who was treated wounds in a nearby hospital to the area in which the facts occurred.By the way, says the poor Michael that the incident not occurred as well.

According to his version, he would bike to see his grandmother when the assaulted stopped him and pulled a knife. Then, thanks to which wore a wrench hand (who not does it when it comes to biking?) could defend themselves. Ah, and that the sausage does not know anything. I guess that if the football 2012 buy T-shirts will jail you want to avoid that they link him with that type of products, about what might happen.