Wi-Fi Direct, the alternative to Bluetooth Wi-Fi Certified Wi-Fi Direct is a certification for devices that allow you to connect by Wi-Fi directly with the other, using a new technology, which makes it much easier to perform tasks such as printing or file sharing, among other things. Devices that have this certification can connect with others who also have it, so that it is not necessary that these are connected to the Internet; Thus, mobile phones, cameras, printers, and computers can be connected directly and transfer content, as well as very easily share applications. In addition, the connection can be between multiple devices at once. It seems not difficult because it is not. Quite the contrary, is very simple, many times, by pressing a button is already connected with the other device! Addition, it is a safe technology and which is always with you. With Wi-Fi Direct can connect your device with your friends in any part without having to connect to the Internet, so you can exchange and share content, data, games, videos, sounds and a large etcetera. You has Wi-Fi Direct appeared in our lives? People have requested.

So far missed in lack a way to connect to Exchange pictures with friends and family, play video games together without connecting to the Internet and now, all this and more is possible. But, how does it work? Its operation is similar to the known Bluetooth, only that much better. Wi-Fi Direct device will emit a signal which may receive others in the area. The person who activated the Wi-Fi Direct can see devices that can send a connection request that the other person may accept or refuse and are available within the range. And when several devices are connected together to be form a group (Wi-Fi Direct Group) using Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which is the latest in Wi-Fi security. What differences are there between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct? For starters, Bluetooth has a very limited scope, while Wi-Fi Direct has a greater range of action.

And on the other hand, the speed is very higher with Wi-Fi Direct. I take it with me! It was time to be connected without having to be connected. This was the technology that we were expecting, that already existed with the Bluetooth, but that has been improved. And secure that progress will not stop here. At the moment, every device that includes Wi-Fi Direct is ready to connect to another that also have it, so that its users can exchange all types of files and information anywhere: in the street, at home, at work you don’t have Internet, and this is a great advantage. It is clear that Wi-Fi Direct is a great step on the way. Sherbert original author and source of the article