Welcome to the future of mobile life Mesitersaal Berlin Berlin, 01.02.2011: new apps appear almost every minute. The mobile Internet creates new window the media use and places and products make the conversation medium. The Homo Connectus determines when, where and how it communicates. Are we soon “always on”? Festival. The always-on-Festival Berlin enthusiastically takes this development. It asks how the mobile Internet determined the life of today and tomorrow and illuminated the technological development in political, economic and cultural point of view.

In the spirit of the Festival will be celebrated outstanding actors and shows innovative applications in a fun way. Line up intro: the Festival is designed as a stage show and is accompanied by a continuous moderation. It starts with a mobile Show insert. Supporting acts: Companies, app developers or artists present your ideas of “always on” live. There are Deutsche Telekom laboratories, neofonie, switching time, 3pc, connected living, mobile melting pilot media hoccer, FJORD, IFIE… Top acts: Talk round and award ceremony of the competition Apps4Berlin get together: networking on the Festival Board contact: Xinnovations e.

V. / Vikora Stefan Grill E-Mail: tel.: 030/21001-407 of the Xinnovations e. V. The Xinnovations e. V. is an Association of people from industry, science, public and parastatal institutions which are active in the field of Internet-based economic and communication processes. The result is the Association in connection with a promotion of the research of the Federal Ministry for education and research. The goal of the Association is sustainable, supra-regional networking of economy, science, management and policy to create new alliances for technological innovations and to initiate collaborative projects. the focus of the Conference is In the Centre of the activities of the Association “Xinnovations – better by networking” as permanent innovation Forum, which takes place once a year at the Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin and continues in real and virtual forums. The Conference program consists of business forums, workshops of the science and the W3C tag of the German Austrian Office of the World Wide Web Consortium. 2009 the X Award for the first time in the framework of the Xinnovations. People are awarded the X-award annually from now on, that trigger impulses for technological and social innovations with your ideas and solutions. More details of Koya,