It is urgent that we posamos to perceive that has a people that same in the difficulties, always had a form of living, working and of if amusing and that it knew to leave its marks for that they live in the gift. Youngest than they had been born in the end of century XX and until that they had been born in full century XXI, they had found comfort, comfort, technologies and many chances to be successful in the life, mainly for the easiness that has how much to the study; however, few value the men and women who had not measured efforts to construct a worthier society and communitarianly more joust. We do not go to forget: without the past never we could analyze the gift and it would not have the possibility to plan the future. Particularly it liked very to talk with my paternal grandfathers and maternal, it was many hours hearing its stories, it made trips to the time and it perceived that true the sensible one of history if finds in the collective one and not in the individuality. After all, histories of our families and the cities where we are inserted, cannot be merit of a person, but it was effort, work and agreement of much people. As the Romans said well, more than the two a thousand years: passed people who does not have history and is a people dead. The stories, profits, incidents and as many histories that pioneers and people can be heard of who had preceded in them and are essential; they must serve stop to revive in our soul values and lies, over all of the communitarian work, today so forgotten (unhappyly, we live in the time of each one for itself). We cannot live of saudosismo, but we must value the bastions of the construction and the enterprise of the past, either of our families or our cities. In the truth many protagonists of our generation exist, had arrived first and currently they could be our professors, masters, therefore she has knowledge of the past and of the life and very they could well pass to the new generations its wisdom, however live in the esquecimento.