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Botanical Garden

Such fact must in part the vision in that the urban way and problematic the ambient ones, in a totality, compose one macrossistema, joins in its essence and functionality (PAVIANI, 2003). Saints (1996, p.94) consider that totality is the set of all the things and all the men, in its reality, that is, in its […]

Pro Oil

But, the expense with the importation of the oil caused the aumentoexorbitante of the Brazilian external debt. Brazil that with the easiness daimportao abandoned the idea of self-sufficiency in fuels, came back to append in the subject in years 70 with the world-wide crises of the oil, where esteproduto went up too much. From now […]

Kyoto Protocol

However, no member country climate talks in the UN has made no fundamental disagreement against the second commitment period Kyoto Protocol – a separate expression of a 'private' opposition to participate. It is the lack of a principled disagreement on the adoption of the second commitment period, rather than the unwillingness of a particular party […]