All are formadores of opinion and consuming you harness that they will influence in the consumption indices. The companies, perceiving to the ambient restrictions as chances, have looked for to fortify its image through the position of sustainable company 3. The support guides the processes of production to continuing existing, developing its quality, but in view of the harmony of the relations society and nature. This information can be verified and be validated in the study of the Brand Analytics/Millward Brown, published in the magazine That is Money n 558 of 11 of June of 2008, that it elencou the marks most valuable of Brazil in 2008 pointing as the four more valuable – Bradesco (1), the Ita (2), the Bank of Brazil (3) and the Natura (4). Currently, the advertising campaigns of these four companies, mainly, the Natura, are worried, more than what to focar the product, to focar the concept of support under the adopted scioambiental optics in its productive processes. The ambient marketing aims at to prioritize the necessities of the ecologically conscientious consumers and to contribute for the creation of a sustainable society, but this position on the part of the industries/companies really is based in a conscience change or is only fruit of the commercial opportunism and the conquest of this new niche of market? For a reason, or another one, all they leave earning: company, consumer and environment, consolidating the commerce just. It is important to consider that to implant instruments of command and control ambiently, aiming at a responsible production, demand many investments and technology, but they are strategies that guarantee positive economic incentives reflecting in the image of the organization and, consequentemente, in its asset.

The Ambient Marketing can, of exponential form, to improve these results. 2.2. Sustainable development the industrial revolution, through the advent of the production in mass and seriada, only brought a reality to the companies/industries come back to the maximizao and otimizao of the production in intention to form bigger consuming markets each time through a production model that, until the current days, predominates.