However, no member country climate talks in the UN has made no fundamental disagreement against the second commitment period Kyoto Protocol – a separate expression of a 'private' opposition to participate. It is the lack of a principled disagreement on the adoption of the second commitment period, rather than the unwillingness of a particular party to undertake quantitative commitments under it. Last week, the negotiators of the climate in Bangkok was working agenda in the compromise text of the document contains references to equal Bali plan and solutions Cancun. In the final version of the agenda came in, in particular, the sectoral approach – industry market-based mechanisms to reduce emissions. Their proposals on the issue presented in Russia secretariat in February 2011. On the agenda were the status of the countries with economies in transition, and the legal status of the new agreement. Experts note that the meeting did not justify the hopes of achieving a full understanding and working out details of the Cancun agreements, but it represented only the first part of the negotiating session on these issues. It should be noted that participants in the negotiations on climate change in the UN in September and October 2011 will gather for an additional session.

About the conference venue has not been formally reported. Most likely the talks will also be held in Bangkok. New earthquake in Japan next strong earthquake occurred last week in Japan. An earthquake measuring 7.4, occurred in the northeast of the Japanese island of Honshu, has resulted in significant casualties and damage.