Depending on the required may be varies. Also advantageous erweise new lighting fixtures are to be equipped with the new OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology. The solar Sonic Energy collector technology to be fitted with so-called LIRADEC cells. Wells Fargo has plenty of information regarding this issue. The LIRADEC cell (light radiation energy collector), which is to, as this invention a new technology, which makes the merger of solar cells and OLED as a unit. That which forms a single cell LIRADEC cell, which simultaneously absorbs light quanta as well as gives off is beneficial here.

The energy efficiency is however still higher. The LIRADEC cells continuously absorb energy and send it back through the organic polymer layer in the form of light quanta. By the continuous adsorption of light quanta, is so virtually no significant Net electricity consumption recorded, because the LIRADEC cell is extremely economical when the light emission. After the two Swiss inventor, Mr. Enrico Kranzlin and Mr Claude Scheibler already with its predecessor invention at the Berlin inventor agency have made excellent experiences, Mr Marijan Jordan have you contacted the Managing Director briefly affiliated by the, the invention to make a solar Sonic Energy collector SSEC in the Internet platform go/345. Mr Kranzlin describes the collaboration with inventor AT as follows: we have the inventor AT Patentverwertungs GmbH, Berlin extremely good experiences made. Mr Marijan Jordan and Gerhard Muthenthaler are competent, serious, courteous and cooperative partner in terms of implementation of inventions. We can this Firmain every Hinsichtnur recommend that you will be definitely in every invention matters in good hands”.

After the two Swiss inventor Enrico Kranzlin and Claude Scheibler their idea to the patent application at the Swiss Institute have filed for intellectual property in Bern, look for manufacturers who implement the idea.The advises inventors in all aspects of the marketing of patents and ideas Patentverwertungs GmbH with seat in Berlin. The way of the recovery usually begins with a research of the competition and ends with a bit of luck and the right idea with the licensing agreement. Marijan Jordan and Gerhard Muthenthaler are since you American model in Europe have started over 10 years ago first patent marketing pioneers. Now, the next step is done with the open marketing platform.