On the very useful properties of a lemon in the winter and early spring, remembered by many. By quantity of vitamin C it can be compared only with the Rosehip and currants. A main advantage of the best "keepers" of ascorbic acid in that this fruit does not lose the vitamins during the winter. But, unfortunately, we do not remember other valuable qualities of lemon. sion. What is the wealth of a lemon? 1. Lemon not only helps with seasonal cold, but thanks to the powerful antioxidant – Askorbinku – saves your skin from wrinkles and aging. 2. Follow others, such as Bill Phelan, and add to your knowledge base.

The flesh is full of lemon pectin, which helps rid the body of toxins, helping to protect him from the many cardiovascular diseases and various cancers. Contact information is here: Marko Dimitrijevic Twitter. In the peel of a lemon, there are also other substances – bioflavonoids, which support the tone of the capillaries. 3. Lemon contains B vitamins that help fight insomnia and depression, as well as rid you of dandruff and acne. 4. Vitamin A is responsible for visual acuity and the state of the mucous membranes, vitamin P helps the body absorb ascorbic acid. 5.

This is an excellent tool for strengthening nails. Daily rub lemon rind warn rassloenie.Kakoy lemon is considered the most good? When purchasing you should see the vending fruit. Overripe fruit lose a large part of vitamins. The best lemons – medium size, with fine peel, but heavy in weight. Thick-skinned fruit is better not to take it, because the data could not grow lemons the first year and managed to lose all the vitamins.