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Control Valves

All fittings originating in the assembly, must comply with installation drawings and technical specifications (TS) state (GOST) and industry (OST) standards. Fittings prior to installation carefully inspect and install: line fitting the project requirements, availability of technical documentation for production plants, the quality of housing (cracks, cavities, chips and other defects), the quality of the […]


It's not a secret that the firewood become a business. Firewood is used to heat homes, to get coal to heat large buildings in the boilers, to prepare meat in restaurants. Harvested wood woodpile with machines. Manual is almost done. How is advantageous to chop wood: the plot or on a stationary base? It is […]

International Society

According to the classification of geosynthetic materials according to the International Society geosynthetic GS all geosynthetic materials are divided into 10 groups, each denoted by the symbols: GT geotextile, GN Geogrid, GG geogrids, GCD Geosynthetics for drainage, BT and Biotekstil biomat, GM geomembrane, GA Geomat, GMS Synthetic, geomembrane, GL Geoyacheyka, GMB Bituminous geomembrane terms determine […]

Market Survey Equipment

Electronic Total Station Leica, Sokkia, Trimble and Nikon – the market leaders tacheometric In today's market survey equipment, including electronic total stations of all classes of accuracy, there is a recognized flagship company of which and will be discussed in this article. To begin with, the total station is a device that is used for […]

Products Offered On The Market Of Warehouse Equipment

Businesses that need such supplies as the wheels and rollers, wheels for trucks and platform trucks, castors, wheels with brakes, heavy wheels, heat-resistant wheels and tires for furnaces, carefully chosen such products among many different proposals. And an important parameter for selecting a destination, characteristics and quality of certain industrial wheels and rollers. Wheels and […]

Air Conditioner Installation

The main difficulty faced by the buyer of a split system – problem of the proper installation. Installation 90% determine the quality and durability of the air conditioner. If the installation errors, fix them and then very slozhno.Montazh be carried out by experts who are licensed to install air conditioners in compliance with the instructions […]