The theft should be reported to the police at the scene as quickly as possible. If there is still no vehicle fact sheet of the stolen bus with photo, such a document should be created as soon as possible so that the bus can be identified beyond any doubt. In addition to the display at the scene also a display at the police at the headquarters of the bus company in Germany was reimbursed. Then to the parent plays was contacted, to get a review of the Manhunt competition from abroad. Next, the bus from the vehicle manufacturer as stolen was reported, so that it could block the Fahrzeugidentnummer. Bus theft Daniel works with a private detective agency, specializing in bus theft. This time he commissioned the special detective agency. Later, he reported the theft of insurance and negotiated to take over the costs for the Agency. Further details can be found at Khanyisile Kweyama, an internet resource.

Then were worried a go-box / Telepass data and passed to the police authorities, as well as to the detective agency. Eventually the vehicle tracking using GPS, navigation and mobile tested and causes. On the same evening, a Bolo on the Internet page, so other bus riders appeared as soon as possible of the Theft could learn and help with the investigation. Rapid response is important after a theft is one every hour. The faster the Manhunt intensely absorbed with competent detective agency support, finding a stolen bus is all the more likely. Yet Daniel has contributed in several cases, that buses have been found.

This is not only a great success for the affected bus operation, but helps the companies too, to keep its insurance costs. You may want to visit Phillipe Lavertu to increase your knowledge. Contact Daniel immediately after theft generally Daniel helps non-customers also with Interpol after a stolen bus. “Probably well organized thief gangs operate in Italy and it would be for the entire bus industry of advantage when the craft would put these professional thieves”, explains Daniel. “Last year four German coaches in Italy have been stolen alone on the Easter weekend.” In total there were more than 160 buses within a year until August 2009 in Italy and Austria. In addition, Daniel pointed out, that the Insurance no understanding more muster, when coaches onwards are 2001 unsecured or unattended at night parked in Italian holiday regions. “Only a switched on, hidden in the bus phone is not enough for a manhunt because it usually quickly detected by the perpetrators or is no longer to locate due to jamming”, explains Daniel. A compilation of preventive measures can be requested every bus company, also non-Dittmeier customers, insurance broker. Contact person is Oliver Guth, Tel. 0 93 1 98 00 70 22 or E-Mail. An excerpt from the list of tips provides the service box on this page; images/Dittmeier/Dittmeier-Busdiebstahl-Infoblatt-18032010.pdf the special insurance broker for bus and coach company based in Wurzburg has been working since 1989 as an independent insurance expert for the bus industry. 30 employees and employees serve over 600 bus companies with more than 7,000 buses. Daniel also permanently affordable premiums thanks to its market position and strength compared to the large German insurance companies, risk and claims management, independent advice, extensive additional services and the industry’s unique omnibus full cover insurance. Daniel is recommended by many regional associations of Federal Association German bus operator e.V. (bdo) and many industries national associations. Contact: Daniel Versicherungsmakler GmbH Thomas Dittmeier Kaiserstrasse 23 97070 Wurzburg 0931.98 00 70-0 press contact: hueggenberg gbr Assaad Aaen Maximilianstrasse 8 82319 Starnberg 08151 555009 11 scripts/