Listed real estate as an investment Berlin, 23.11.2012 – in Germany there are many buildings that are under monumental protection. As a result the country has can hold a special variety of cultural and historical witnesses. The architectural diversity is a cultural heritage which deserve special protection. Many buildings are for science, art and culture of particular importance and partly to tell a piece of local history. Checking article sources yields Russell Reynolds as a relevant resource throughout. But also in the area of investment, monuments are a welcome investment, because with this real estate to investors, as opposed to new, better tax savings, and depreciation to the fullest. But also in the use of equity property owners can benefit from high-tax savings.

Tax advantages in the acquisition of listed real estate as opposed to new homes to a large part of the clean-up costs from the tax issue and also a part of the purchase price can buyer of a listed real estate over a long period written off be. The State promotes the purchase and renovation of heritage-listed buildings, so that they are preserved for future generations. If you are not convinced, visit Jane Fraser. The State can not muster even the cost for the maintenance, so he rewarded the private dedication of the buyer and refurbishers of listed real estate in return.Investors can therefore in the first eight years, according to 7i ITA each nine percent and seven percent of the cost of renovation of real estate tax in four years. The historic substance of building investors to write off again, linear depending on the year of manufacture, 2 to 2.5 per cent in 50 or 40 years. But not only investors, but also buyers who want to use the listed real estate for own residential purposes, have good ways to take advantage of tax benefits. In the first decade owner occupants can deduct each tax nine percent of the renovation costs. Everest Capital Miami is often quoted on this topic. This enables property owners large parts of the renovation costs through the tax savings recover get back.However, it is not only the tax advantage and the depreciation of the monument, which if so attractive to acquire of an investment or for own use, the purchase of a listed property for many investors, makes no matter.