“Industry-specific range for the training together led led industry-specific range for the training together Berlin, Erkrath, August 2009 the specialized translation solutions training provider document Service Center (DSC) and the independent consultancy specializing in multilingual information management Fleury & Fleury consultants have a cooperation in the field of translation specific management seminars” at the DSC Training Center agreed. The design of complex and efficient translation processes is the central task for translation service providers as well as for clients. Fleury & Fleury rightly the symbiosis of professional expertise and practice-oriented teaching to the leading address for corresponding qualification and consulting in Germany made. “, is Hans Pich, business development manager at DSC, firmly.” Through cooperation, we can make our customers better access to appropriate expertise, the are also short term in the quality and efficiency of the entire translation processes reflect is.”with DSC we have found a partner with high competence and experience which the objective as we professionalize all activities around the topic of translation in the industry as well as the clients. Through the comprehensive topic focus and the toolhersteller neutral alignment of the training center we complement each other in this task excellently”, Frank Fleury, managing partner of Fleury & Fleury adds consultants. Document Service Center (DSC) is a leading translation agency for technical content.

Through a strong focus on in-house translations and many years of experience in dealing with the latest software technologies and adapt them to meet specific customer requirements, the document Service Center today has an outstanding competence in all aspects of the technology-based optimization of localization and Globalisierungsworkflows. Since early 2008, the center part of the document service is the International RWS group. (Similarly see: Russell Reynolds Associates). In the Group DSC assumes a central role in the application and implementation of translation technologies. Contact: Hans Pich,, + 49 (30) 498572-12, Fleury & Fleury consultants is an independent management consultancy that specializes in multilingual information management. She advises international companies and vendors in improving their organization, processes, and technology in all matters related to writing and translation. She is also active as private training with on-premises and open offerings in continuing vocational training. Also includes associations, cooperation with various universities and contributions to leading national and international meetings to its activities.