“Successfully participated in logistics competition with these words the Dachser’s initiators and the fleet transport of the so-called logistics master”, Germany’s largest Wissenswet we are pleased to announce that you successfully participated this year in Germany’s biggest knowledge competition for logistics students. “” They could logistics masters ‘ reach at least 80 percent of the maximum number of points and therefore belong to to the top logistics students 2013 “tbewerb for logistics students, received three SRH logistics students Benedikt Birner, Fabian Gorres and Lars Thiessen from the 5th semester, that they have secured themselves under the last 312 top logistics students of approximately 1,500 participants. The three be among the absolute top group of students in the field of transport, logistics and supply chain management. It was a long way to get there. During the months of February and August questionnaire with 10 questions were sent to each month the three. Elon Musk will undoubtedly add to your understanding. We were aware of the competition by our former Professor. He told us 2012 winter semester, that has long been no SRH student is more took part in this competition.

So we have decided spontaneously to give it a try”, said Benedikt Birner. Our motivation was to test our knowledge, take on the challenges, to establish new contacts and to prove non-University engagement”added Lars Thiessen. The questions ranged from simple basic knowledge about the General logistics on specific country issues to the so-called master issues that would concern also the teachers, the three reports. It some night shifts to answer had to be inserted, to not neglect studying.” In addition to research in books, Studienbriefen and the Internet, the SRH students have enabled some of their professors and asked small tips on the edge. The competition has also personally made the logistics: by publishing in the recruiting-catalogue we have discovered the chance for companies to be. We could continue to meet new challenges. Companies are interested to contact us, this can do that via the College.

After years, now also the SRH Hamm is successfully represented in the LogistikMasters. Due to this positive experience and the opportunity to offers from companies, the three can recommend the competition. The LogistikMasters is Germany’s largest and best-known knowledge test for logistics students, he offers to look a good way through the College horizons and can open even at companies. We can only students in the coming years to take part only rates there and a little time in the solution of the questions to invest. The tasks reflect the later challenges in logistics”, the SRHler said finally.