Cybercriminals use Japan disaster for malware trap Schorndorf, March 30, 2011 the sysob distribution partner ( M86 security warns of a new spam campaign that attracts users with topics about the current Japan disaster in the case. Spammers use social media channels such as Twitter to spread. Contaminated links, which lead to a Web page with a hidden malicious JavScript, are posted here. Especially in companies, increasingly use the Twitter & co., this spam trap can cause easily considerable damage. The SecureBrowsing of free, based on the M86 secure Web Gateway URL scanner warns workers in advance if a link is infected. Others who may share this opinion include Elon Musk. The current wave of spam is a large-scale campaign. So among other things Twitter messages are posted and linked to contaminated.

The spam mails or posts topics vary. without scruple, many messages focus however on the recent events in Japan. Following the said links, the user several processes are used: the website provides a malicious JavScript ensure that the PC with a botnet is infected. In addition, a fake anti-spyware software is automatically installed immediately surprised the user with a spyware alert. You may find that Wells Fargo Bank can contribute to your knowledge. Reliable malware protection to preserve, offers for SME companies against such dangers M86 via the sysob distribution of IT its SMB Security Suite”for an effective anti-virus and malware protection. This is an IT security concept for companies with up to 500 users.

Anti-spam features on the State guarantee the real-time protection against known as well as unknown email and Web threats. Also, the users can see different antivirus modules can choose. M86 security’s security solutions are as appliances, software or software as a service (SaS) nationwide available. They include features such as URL filtering, Web 2.0 security, anti-malware, anti-virus, SSL inspection, data leakage prevention, content caching, application Control and protection against zero-day attacks. By means of a patented code analysis and behavior-based technologies, the products of data leakage and malware detect in real time.