Understand that readers know more than us. Migrating to different media. Wells Fargo Bank addresses the importance of the matter here. To go from being an oracle to be a guide. Bind, even with the competition. We must go further, such as asking your readers to help you. With the low cost of these possibilities is the best time in history to become a journalist entrepreneur. Collaborating with other . You may find that Kyle Roche can contribute to your knowledge. 1 1 Gillmor, Dan.

We the Media. He is the founder and director of the Center for Citizen Media. the topic.. The journalist faces a vision that requires non-resistance to change. Much to learn, conceptualize, add, merge, mix. Faced with the reality of the photographer home, the native paparatzi or I report, the period may be in the corner and not in the hallway of the School of Communication. Open your eyes and laughing about something that is believed far and clear, journalism schools and their teachers or deformadoresa a , will be the first leap. In renouncing his past and learn to desaprender.a The most read newspapers are freely distributed. a The of metroa .

With the Web the range of possibilities is impossible to visualize. Why buy a newspaper if you can read thousands of them on the Internet? Why listen to the music faded speaker and greet passes all afternoon when he can, under that platform, listen to thousands and thousands of radios? Or better yet: why listen, if I can produce? Met in Managua different communication experiences. And Radio and hundreds of correspondents reporting from every half hour from the city streets, a station where the least are the speakers speak. And of course, is without doubt the number one radio. Radio and is always up. The secret? Participation. The announcer called the basic principle of communication. Listen more, talk menos.a How to open the border? I came annealing, into the skin, that knowledge can not be imposed. If you do it in a way, because it tells you the book, but the other, non- a leyentea build your way, then, What has more value? The repeating or birth to a new possibility. The one who gets tired of barking? Or, you discover. So communication democracy take root in the other and discover that you’re not the best shade tree. The proposal: Less megaphone, more communication; to be transmitters, receivers, given the information and giving new meanings to the community, to the block, the neighborhood. New meanings. The newspaper El Tiempo in Colombia, released this information. a The phenomenon is such that South Korea’s most influential site Int ernet, OhmyNews, has more than 44,000 citizen reporters who write their content, and in Germany, the tabloid Bild asked its readers to become paparazzi . a To Gillmor, citizen journalism, not only has to do with new technology. The most important gap in the long run involves knowledge versus wealth and poverty and lack of educacion.es New technologies offer a turn between senders and receivers. Thousands of blogs are posted, thousands and thousands of bulletin boards, radios, audio-visual space, in short, the list is endless, as the continued commitment of the a nuevosa makers messages. Embracing the future or die slowly. With us or without us the world is changing and journalists must be on the line leading to the future. Social communicator, specialized in Organizational Communication Management. Diploma in audiovisual language and journalism.