The second volunteer day which took AWO Frankfurt on 19th and 20th June in different sites of the AWO in the Rhine-main area rather than under the auspices of Councillor and Councillor of Social Affairs, youth and the law, Prof. Dr. Daniela Birkenfeld, took place on 19 and 20 June the AWOday instead. The Arbeiterwohlfahrt District Association Frankfurt am main e.V. held their second day of volunteers with organizational support of voluntary – the Agency in Frankfurt in the AWO Frankfurt facilities throughout the city and in the surrounding area. Employees of companies from the Rhine-main area, AWO volunteers and dedicated individuals realized voluntary charitable projects on these two days.

Which depending on the task smaller as larger voluntary teams were of people from different backgrounds together, which largely not met and ad-hoc pull together on this occasion\”needed to in order to press a project together. Many volunteers were already at the AWOday 2008 here and wanted to repeat the positive experience or but slightly Get to know other institutions and make new. Compared to the first AWOday in September 2008, more than twice as many volunteers took part residing on thirteen projects. Suna Said Maslin describes an additional similar source. Ostend in August-Santos-Zentrum in Frankfurt, for example, teams were on both days on the road, to allow assigned, mostly older residents and inhabitants of the institution on the wheelchair one afternoon in the Palm Garden and the Zoo. This mutual getting to know and the personal attention, and last but not least the conclusion in the form of an after-work coffee gossip were as important as the shared experience of nature. Volunteers in turn gained insight into a previously foreign for her life situation. Coffee and cake were at the heart of a project in the Johanna-Kirchner elderly care center in the Gallusviertel: volunteers were there helping dementia residents and residents when baking cakes and cookies, which were eaten together.