The feet are the base that sustains us and at times is one of the most neglected areas. Until the summer and we want to boast of beautiful feet. The feet contain 90% less sebaceous glands than the face, therefore all nutrition there is little for them. Its water retention capacity is low. So that they do not suffer more than necessary, keep in mind this:-do not abuse the hot water: too hot or prolonged baths increase its permeability and dehydrate them even more. -Intense hydration: away dryness and cracks and provides flexibility with cosmetic products containing urea, lanolin, aloe vera, glycerine or Shea butter to the skin. -Polished fingernails: don’t forget filing and polishing nails, especially the big toe, well avoid that I will alter its color and texture, prejudicing the final State of the pedicure.

-Massagers: There are many massage for the feet, the hidrobaneras, which stimulate pressure points to achieve an absolute well-being, although it is always preferable to attend any many centres of aesthetics in Madrid or many other cities that include massages and reflexology. -Reflexology: Heats a little cream in your hands and apply it in the center of the soles of the feet doing a massage by drawing large circles with the thumb of the hand. If you need energy, with the toes of the hand, get strong pressures on the floor of five seconds each. -Special masks: once a week, apply a mask regenerating or nourishing in feet. Fit them with cotton socks and spends the night with them. The next day they will be very soft!