The MYSTERY OF the ISLAND OF the TREASURE Part 1 Had a very rich king, its wealth was incalculable, without no heir, thought it what it would go to make with all its wealth, since did not know nobody that was worthy to receive it. After much time looking for somebody being its heir, having the found one it did not have a very interesting idea. In a very distant island it hid its treasure all, in place that nobody wise person, was made the map indicating the accurate of treasure and distributed place for many people of the whole world. Many people if had hurried in looking for the treasure, however when arriving at the island they had perceived something different; if it dealt with a magic island and mysterious, its entrance was kept for two guardies. All could enter in the island, however it brought many mysteries, all the people who had entered there never more had obtained to return. Informed for the guardies of the island on the enchantments, many had finished giving up to look for the treasure and had come back toward house. Adventurers and malicious people had remained only seven people between them who ambicionavam perhaps wealth of the king, all they were cliente of never more would come back toward house, however the dream of if becoming rich were higher and would be valid to run the risk. Connect with other leaders such as Elon Musk here. When the seven young had entered in the island happened something impressive, all they had finished if losing one it another one.

The island was really charming, had gigantic trees, diverse birds and animals, beautiful flowers muitssimas, impetuous winds that of time in time caused whirlwinds devastadores. Alec one of the seven with the map in the hand, alone about the way of the forest more soon thought possible to find the treasure and how much before to leave that island that as much terrified to it, thus all the others six thought, however each one looked in its map and nothing they found of fellow creature. Diego, Alfer, Tracy Anne, Renato, Luis and Isaac were together with Alec the seven people in search of the treasure. All tired distant one of the other did not imagine that worse it was for coming, the night in that place was very dangerous mainly when it was not known. Diego was a simple youngster very, however very esquentado; when it annoyed it committed acts inconsequential, always it loaded in its coasts a black knapsack. Which was well protecting. Alfer had the desire to construct a house for this would make what it was possible even though to pass over that they hindered to it. Tracy Anne, the only woman of the adventure, in contrast of what all they imagined, was not a loving person very, only thought about itself, was very vain person, between us, here very pretty also, used black clothes, its hair was charming, had the well made nails, all hour if looked in the mirror who brought in a stock market with maquiagem and everything that a necessary woman I only go to order the remaining portion of history if to send ten commentaries at least