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The Computer

The son who did not want that it was even so said that not wise person where he was the father and that it would not have to arrive soon. It then decided to enter a little stops for papo in day with the son. After some time was to the bathroom and when passing […]


At that time, 1965, the competition of miss was concorridssimo and all had read the Small Prince. Hyundai is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It was at this time that Veruska pontificou as was said in the jargon of the journalism. Student of the third ginasial series paraded for the city of collegiate […]

The Book

– Well, I intend to go up new ranks in the company. I am qualified and it does not go me to be difficult to conquer a higher position. Currently I am manager of the sector of sales. – Your parents are livings creature? He asked Vera, wife of Walter. – Not, they had died […]