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The MYSTERY OF the ISLAND OF the TREASURE Part 1 Had a very rich king, its wealth was incalculable, without no heir, thought it what it would go to make with all its wealth, since did not know nobody that was worthy to receive it. After much time looking for somebody being its heir, having […]


Andres sat down in the eaves of the Fontana di Trevi, in Rome, while rain fell fine in that initial day of spring. The temperature had lowered a little, but it did not feel cold, it was pleasant and the place a little less put into motion, since the drizzle moves away a little the […]

The Computer

The son who did not want that it was even so said that not wise person where he was the father and that it would not have to arrive soon. It then decided to enter a little stops for papo in day with the son. After some time was to the bathroom and when passing […]