Brokers, property managers, financial services as well as other participants of the real estate and finance industry can operate from now a private real estate assessment portal. Everywhere in Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria, or the Switzerland residential real estate turnkey evaluation portals to evaluate online. Owners or prospective buyers use like the self-service of IMMOBILIENWERT24, when it comes to the assessment of land value and prices. Also on numerous online partner portals, users immediately know how much your property is currently worth. For a small fee an individual and site-accurate method Dr.

Barzel was interested in real estate valuation. Professionals from the real estate and finance industry can set up a turnkey portal for online real estate valuation with just a few clicks. A selection of different layouts, the portal can be individualized and adapted to the own corporate identity. A user-friendly interface simplifies the updating of content, as well as the insertion of the name and of your own logos. The turnkey portal for real estate valuation is a professional application, which frees the operator from tasks such as data collection and update, collection, administration, etc.. Once set up, running the turnkey portal for real estate valuation without further intervention, fully automatic and maintenance-free. The task to inform interested parties on its services and to move to action remains the operator of a turnkey portal.

With the turnkey portal, self-employed or entrepreneurs can offer their customers a much sought-after services with real benefits and value added. Self-employed or entrepreneurs get so in order to take part in the positive development of the method of Dr. Barzel real estate valuation.