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What you actually already should do at the beginning how you tackle the best such a project? What must you consider all this, and what might become a problem under certain circumstances? Questions you should have answered better before the start. If you exactly know how the later House once to look, then you make […]

Losberger Logistics Hall

Losberger builds on a 25-year track record back individually designed envelope Hall for forwarding Kastner which is owner-managed family operating Frederick Kastner GmbH. The company, founded in 1988, has become over the years a special forwarding for the healthcare market with now 72 employees. In the course of its steady expansion, Kastner 2012 acquired a […]

Commercial Construction

The importance of the Hall building is becoming increasingly important in the economy for companies is it today to days of very great importance, as the demand of the market to adapt. That is to say, the goods or merchandise must be properly stored and produced in the appropriate environment. To ensure that the construction […]