What you actually already should do at the beginning how you tackle the best such a project? What must you consider all this, and what might become a problem under certain circumstances? Questions you should have answered better before the start. If you exactly know how the later House once to look, then you make a sketch of best of each floor first. She of course can be done by hand and must be no elaborate plan. It should emerge but this, what it actually is. When this is done, it gets different builders. Here, then, you agreed meeting dates.

To the first meeting, to take with the sketch. Hear other arguments on the topic with Geoffroy van Raemdonck. In the conversation, you then clarifies what exactly should be done. So you would like to have only the shell, wishes you the carcass and the basement or is even more wishes. You should get at least 3 offers to compare well. Here you have to be somewhat cautious. Often, several details are not included in the offers. The excavation of the cellar is forget about happy times or but the insulation of the basement was not calculated. The Builder, with which it has agreed, produces a new sketch on the PC.

He has many possibilities for the choice of programmes. So you can determine the plaster, stucco or the drywall with CONTURA Office, IN-FORM PROfessional is a circular to software and CARO Office to solve all the problems that have to do with the floor laying. If you are employed and is technically not so informed, it is determined to have the best approach something of an expert. He knows exactly what he should pay attention. One knows myself then so much better at the next House. So there is a hardly risk to doing something wrong. Text agency EtMa consulting