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Public Security

The politics of Public Security that we desire depends on our participation For Silva* Joo Article originally published by the Objective Periodical in Focus, ed. 16 (January of 2010). It only arrives of speaking on violence, police corruption, lethality of the police actions, homicides, slowness of Justice, traffic of drugs and weapons, subjects that in […]

PAS President

In my opinion three leaders enabled and of democratic vision, intelligent peacemakers and president Itamar did not have much time to make what it really prontificava more in the end of its mandate the new currency of the country the Real was launched having as mentor the Secretary of the Treasury Fernando Enrique Cardozo. That […]


Instituting commissions and advice who set against the enganosa propaganda before the saraniano and withheld unarmed people in Tindouf, Southeast of Algeria. It it continues waiting for the announcement for a region autonomy under the kingdom of Morocco in agreement the legality and international legitimacy. The maintenance of the kingdom of this inadequate and dispendioso […]