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Effective Ventas

An effective page of sales is one of the essential requirements that it must have a product or service that is tried to commercialize through Internet so that he is profitable. There is a marketing principle, already known by many, and that are very recommendable that contains a good Web site; it is call A.I.D.A. […]

The Marketing Funnel

The marketing funnel is a process of sale by internet in which we have a funnel if as its name says it, which at the top in the entry have a sales process and the first to enter the funnel are the: visitors. These can be directed through the generation of traffic and here there […]

Small Entrepreneurs

In the next articles we will give 10 guides or tips of usefulness for SMEs wishing to delve into the world of social networks. The key is to always perform tasks with a real reason and not by a simple social inertia. If you want to be in social networks, think first why you should […]