An effective page of sales is one of the essential requirements that it must have a product or service that is tried to commercialize through Internet so that he is profitable. There is a marketing principle, already known by many, and that are very recommendable that contains a good Web site; it is call A.I.D.A. A: it means Attention. First that it must to us happen when we entered a page of sales it is that it must to us draw attention to traverse, for example, of a great title, with attractive words in red color. I: The Interest of knowing to us more about this product must wake up or about which this page is offering to us. That it captivates to the public to who goes directed. D: Deseo must cause us to acquire that service or product.

A: And finally it must have a call to the Action, something that it at this moment invites to us to acquire that product. Statistical data throw that a person happens, in average, 8 seconds in a Web site and soon they go away if there is nothing draws attention to them. Then, generally what they do is to do " scanning" , that is to see the page of above quickly downwards and to see if there is something calls to them the attention. The subtitles, for example, are very showy. It is important that the page is structured with subtitles because these they break sections. If the person who sees the page quickly finds with them and sees some that it can interest to him, pauses to read what is underneath. Then, if it sees that there are more elements than interests to him, it returns at the outset and it is at this moment when it decides to begin to read all the text. It is important that each text section finishes with some restlessness so that the person continues reading the text that follows.