KUHN specialists for chain stores: because change is the ever-faster trade and branch business networked a new portal provides practical tools and ideas for the Filialalltag. The global networking of the flow of goods and information leads among the users for a long time to the uncertainty. New technologies take continuously more time, the proper handling of them is crucial. To want to secure the Filialgeschaftserfolg competitiveness becomes increasingly difficult, especially since the share of retail business in the private consumption decreases. Always better informed buyers spend more consciously. (Similarly see: Pinterest). Shopping outside the legal shop opening hours via the Internet creates an almost perfect transparency of price per performance unit, inspires on new structures and sales formats in Filialhandel and service. But what are promising areas of growth? Frenemies\”and coopetition\” characterize the new way of competing cooperation (example Google).

Flexibility promotes entrepreneurial thinking. New Filialgeschaftsmodelle feature Simultaneity of real and virtual worlds. Where is da filialisiert, franchisiert, where you want to be invested? Consumers are contradictory. The competition doesn’t let up, define the environment change, upheaval, and speed. Daily depends on increasingly unpredictable. What once was, today no longer applies in Filialhandel and services.

Also the now can hardly be removed, what will be tomorrow, although the transparency made possible by the Internet, information, assessment, and communication provide for unexpected changes in the Filialhandel. It is demanding the branch business and offers potential in new markets. But it is questionable, Filialisierungen is as reliable, if one finds that some things not so developed as intended. The ever-faster and networked branch network the knowledge portal kuhn-filialen.net offers practical tools and ideas for the Filialalltag. Decision makers can learn easily and conveniently. A picture of the will be on the one hand various quick-checks quickly Own make, is under the heading fields of action\”listed, what feasible and already is in the market, which helps large or small surface formats to reposition themselves or what is promising in the online retailing.